Island Sunflowers Fabric Collage and Table Runner

The March Island Batik Ambassador Challenge was an anything goes option where the Ambassadors could pick the fabric and the technique they preferred. All fabric, batting and thread used in this project was supplied by Island Batik, Hobbs Batting, Schmetz Needles and Aurifil thread.

Of course before starting this new project, I changed my Schmetz needle on my machine and cleaned out the bobbin case. I wanted to use the lovely King’s Castle Collection shown below. I had not completed a fabric collage in a while, so I opted to use that technique. The inspiration? There is a polka dot, Dot-Black, within the King’s Castle collection that resembles the seedbed center of a sunflower.

The fabric collages I had previously completed are of the natural world and most include an animal. Some are posted to the Quilt Portfolio section of Pink Tulip Quilting’s blog site.

I wanted to incorporate the gecko from the Island Batik logo. For the wall hanging I opted to create a Turquoise Gecko which is on the endangered species list. There are about 1,500 different species in the world. They’re well-known for their amazing climbing skills. Some geckos have special grippy pads on their toes. They can climb up smooth and vertical surfaces, including glass! So Phil, the turquoise gecko in the wall hanging is shown climbing up a brick wall of King’s castle Collection bricks. Phil’s feet were overcast with Mylar to add a little glimmer.

I wanted the leaves of the sunflower to be three dimensional which created more work and more fun. I used a variety of dyed felt as the backing for the sunflower petals and leaves. There are over 100 petals and leaves in both projects, the wall hanging and the table runner.

The sunflowers were assembled in layers on the brick wall that was already quilted using Aurifil thread 4665 from the Spider Lily Collection. I was so pleased at the ease my Brother Dreamweaver handled the thickness that ensued in those layered petals and leaves.

The pictures below tell the story of the raw edge applique techniques used. Initially sewing a central leaf vein attaching the fabric to the felt and then zigzagging along the edges of each petal and leaf. The seedpod sunflower centers were covered with a brown tulle and sewed on using Aurifil Orange thread, 1133. Aurifil 4665 from the Spider Lily Collection was used to quilt the brick wall and finishing the binding.

I wanted to create a companion piece similar but with additional texture and color. I used the Stones fabric from the Island Batik Riverwalk Collection–so perfect!! I opted for a lime green lizard, Gilbert, using Green Seedling also from Riverwalk collection.

In addition to the Island Batik fabrics from the King’s Castke abd Riverwalk collections; Hobbs batting, Aurifil thread and Schmetz Needles were used in this project.

Stones/Riverwalk Collection
Green Seedling/Riverwalk Collection


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