Yukata Cotton Projects

Kyoto Crane Lap Quilt

Kyoto Crane Quilt

My go-to place for Yukata cotton is Okan Arts. Okan Arts sources vintage textiles from across the Japanese islands — luscious yukata cottons and remarkable kimono wools. Their West Coast business imports vintage textiles from Japan, runs quilting workshops, leads tours to Japan, and offers quilts by Patricia in its online gallery.

Floral motifs are popular on yukata cottons for women. Brighter patterns are worn by young girls; duller ones by married women. A yukata is an unlined cotton summer kimono, worn in casual settings such as summer festivals and to nearby bathhouses.

The perfect weight for quilting, yukata cottons add an extraordinary essence to any project. Yukata cotton are manufactured for kimono construction. The fabric patterns, from classic indigo & white geometrics to vividly bold florals and abstracts, inspire and enchant. Floral motifs are popular on yukata cottons for women. Brighter patterns are worn by young girls; duller ones by married women. Artisans add watercolor effects to the petals and leaves of flowers on yukata cottons with their masterful mixing of dye colors.

For the Kyoto Crane Quilt i used a mix of vintage yukata cotton, vintage male lettered kimono, and modern cottons. I added embroidery on the lettered kimono including a crane, wildflowers and a geometric swirl.

The Osaka Spring quilt’s construction was determined on the available pieces of the lettered kimono. A gift from a dear cousin, the kimono was cut in rectangles. I had enough lettered kimono scraps to make four quilts combined with a collection of Yukata Cotton. In the block below there are 4 different Yukata cotton pieces used with the embroidered, lettered vintage kimono.

Kimono Quilt Block
Embroidered Crane Close up

The quilting and construction were completed on a Brother Dreamweaver. This machine never disappoints, and the versatility of stitches provides new discoveries of options. The embroidery was done on a Bernina 730 which provided clean never skipped stitching. This Quilt was sold on my Etsy Shop, Pink Tulip Quilting

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