Holiday Mug Rug Ideas

Mug Rugs

Mug rugs were so fun to make and great gifts! I kept a variety of colors and sizes on my kitchen counter to give away to people who stopped by or when I went to visit my hairdresser, PT staff and grocery delivery. I made about 20, all different sizes and colors; all from my scrap Christmas fabric collection!


The 5-inch string squares pictured above were originally squares from a table runner project I never put together. These were a perfect size for a mug of coffee or cocoa!! Plus these were reversible and just needed the binding around the edge of the squares! I made 6 of the twelve squares I had so I still have six more to do with what I will. If you need to start from the beginning for this project try this pattern from Alanda Craft.


I look for easy or quick options, especially for holiday sewing as there is so little time! Do you keep your scraps? I keep everything! for these I did some fussy cutting of scrap pieces I had in my stash of snow people, pine trees, holiday houses and glitter mesh. I had a few swatches of red pre-quilted fabric–not enough to make a table runner but perfect for mug rugs! All I had to do was add the cuts outs and some ribbon on a few. The cut outs were raw edge appliqued unto the red pre-quilt squares. To hide the appliques’ zig zag sewing, I added plaid backing so these could be reversible! Just added the binding on the edges after sewing the sides with right sides together then turning inside out. These were 6-inch by 4-inch rectangles. Check out Crafty for Home’s mug rug binding tutorial.


i was fortunate to have a few blue and white fully pieced squares left over from other projects and also pre-cut six-inch fabric squares in blue and white. JoAnns’ staff had told me blue and white was very popular for the Holidays! So I compiled those squares picking a blue backing for some and Christmas backing for others. All were reversible but the blue backed could be used past the holidays. Pick your favorite square combinations and sew! There were approximately 10 inches square to easily accommodate a mug and small plate of biscotti.

I had a lot of fun, sewing and gifting these mug rugs!

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