Easy Pillow Cases

Start with measuring the size of your pillow or the standard pillowcase is 20 by 26 then add 1 inch to the width and length. The standard width of a yard of fabric is 44 inches so I keep the yard of fabric folded as it comes and cut at 27 inches for the length and 21 inches along the edge for the width. This leaves you with one panel of baric 42 inches wide by 27 inches long.

Iron a 1/4-inch hem along one width edge, folding over the right side of the fabric. Fold over again and iron down so you have a double-edged hem ready to sew. Use a hot iron so your hem edges are even and will stay down without pinning.

Sew down that hem which covers the edge to keep it from unraveling.

With right sides together, sew along the raw edges along the side and top.

Turn inside out and iron.

My grandkids love to get pillowcases in their favorite colors, with their favorite characters or sports team. Flannel is great to use and even comes in fluorescent fabric! I add ribbon and lace to my grandaughters and all like their names added along the edge in embroidery!

For the older members of the family, matching Holiday pillowcases are fun or those thar match the bedroom;s theme or color. Easy, peasy!

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