Quilt Portfolio

Madonna of Transitions Wall Hanging
Detail of Geisha Fan Quilt
One Inch Square Composition (Sold)
Royal Turtle Fabric Collage
Buried Poem Quilt Mini Moccasin Creation
Garden Gate Quilt featuring Yukata Cotton (Sold)
Japanese Temple Garden Quilt (Sold)
Adele Crib Skirt, Owls and Embroidered Pillows (Sold)
Elephant Journey Wall Hanging
Light of the Madonna Wall Hanging
Gypsy at Rest Homage (Sold)
Kyuushi Wall Hanging
Micro Mini (Sold)
Woodland Fairy Gnumerous Gnome
Pink Tulip Quilt
Modern Autumn (Sold)
Buried Poem Quilt Humming Salmon Square Detail
3-inch Micro Mini with Dolphin Button
Good Morning Sunshine Quilt (Sold)
Buried Poem Quilt
Koala Wall Hanging
Blue Moon Quilt
Pause Wall Hanging
Buried Poem Quilt Companion Piece
Still Life Fabric Collage
Fox Lying in a Field
Hand Painted Koi Table Runner (Sold)